Art and the creative process of painting has been the heart and soul of my life since I was a young girl. My passion for painting shone through from a very early age, I excelled at art and design and won several art competitions during the early stages of my school years. 

My intention in my figurative work is to tell a story, I capture the colours, light and shadows, serenity and the ruggedness of the Australian landscape. The passion, beauty and fertile landscapes of Italy and France, from the vast fields of grapes to the tranquil and calming call of the clear crystal blue waters.


 I find many similarities with which I can express my own impressions and insight into all these landscapes in an expressive and colourful style. My Italian heritage and love of dance and movement has influenced my painting style and is expressed in my artwork. 


Artist in Residence 

08 9471 8470

657 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley, WA 6050