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Founded in Perth in 2013 by Sharon Wiley, Seven Willow Designs is a boutique interior design studio that provides a wide range of services with a unique blend of professionalism and warm hospitality.

We only take on several projects a year to ensure quality and measure the success of our projects by their ultimate function and harmonious aesthetics. Our design philosophy is to create interiors that synergise the functionality of the space, translating our client's vision through creative spatial planning, interior details, finishes, furnishings and lighting. 

We will consistently deliver impressive designs, featuring high-quality workmanship, reliability, longevity and value for money.



​Principal Designer and Project Director, Sharon Wiley’s success comes from her diverse exposure to client projects ranging from; international hotels, the mining sector, heritage and contemporary residential, hospitality and bars, heritage theatre, aged care and unique heritage corporate fit-outs, as well as fashion design and set design for theatre and television productions. 

This breadth of industry knowledge brings a deep understanding of the complex interplay of design and performance in both the corporate and personal realm. Her depth of technical knowledge and large and long-standing network of creative, technical and craftsmen brings a vast array of custom design solutions ready to be applied to people and their needs. 

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