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The Mount Lawley 2023 project by Seven Willow Designs is an immersive experience of high-end opulence and contemporary charm, where every meticulously crafted detail, from Italian marble to custom furnishings, echoes the refined tastes of Western Suburbs' clientele and showcases extraordinary craftsmanship.

The kitchen and dining area are a remarkable embodiment of contemporary design and luxury, where both aesthetics and functionality converge.


Dominating the kitchen is an intricately veined marble island, an exquisite hand-selected piece of Italian craftsmanship that incorporates exotic aged bronze veining.


Complementing the grandeur of the island, custom-upholstered bar stools and dining chairs swathed in the highest-end, tan-coloured Nappa leather create a harmonious connection with the bronze tones present in the marble.


This fine furniture, coupled with marble beautifully exhibits a timeless elegance that seamlessly merges with the earthy architectural tone of the interior wall colours.

Adding further depth to our design narrative is the thoughtful selection of the black fluted timber buffet cabinet and the curved orb base of the dining table. Their striking silhouettes provide a beautiful counterpoint, harmonising with the dramatic stone elements featured throughout the home, amplifying the dialogue between materials and aesthetics.

Seven Willow Designs demonstrates an exceptional ability to create bespoke furniture pieces that resonate with the warm, earthy tones of the architectural paint colours - a curated selection appealing to the Western Suburbs aesthetic.

The master bedroom stands as a sanctuary of tranquillity and refined luxury.

Seven Willow Designs' custom wall panelling, featuring stained walnut cedar, and a tailor-made, velvet bedhead add a warm, organic touch while also providing a captivating visual texture.


Through the use of geometric shapes in the velvet upholstery we add a dash of modern artistry to the space.


The bedroom further indulges in luxury with curated furniture pieces, such as imported Italian chairs from Mobilia, and a remarkable side table boasting a real copper base and hand-blown glass top.

The bathroom exudes an aura of exotic luxury, with rare and aesthetically stunning marble dominating the space.


This exclusive material, with its organic form and rich veining, adds an element of tactile elegance to the room.


The marble features captivating green hues that beautifully echo the interior paint colours throughout the Mount Lawley home, creating a harmonious connection.


This space perfectly encapsulates the essence of high-end, contemporary design, offering a sanctuary where opulence and tranquillity prevail. This expert selection of distinctive materials and finishes signifies Seven Willow Designs' dedication to crafting an environment of unparalleled luxury.

Stepping into the grand entry hall of this exceptional Mount Lawley residence, guests are greeted by the resplendent glow of Italian marble flooring that extends throughout the space, adding a luxurious sheen and depth that perfectly mirrors the high-end, contemporary design aesthetics of Seven Willow Designs.


The meticulously selected marble not only enhances the interior's elegance but also creates an enchanting reflection of the feature cedar panelling and custom-designed door.

As you walk through the hallway you are greeted by the feature staircase, an awe-inspiring blend of the same rich marble and handcrafted wood, sets a commanding presence, inviting guests to explore the home's upper level.

Central to the space is a fluid, custom-commissioned bronze sculpture, a testament to the client's love for contemporary art and a prime example of Seven Willow Designs' commitment to incorporating commissioned artwork into their designs. This stunning sculpture, along with the dramatic lighting, creates an arresting focal point and sets the tone for the level of opulence featured throughout the home.

The luxurious spectacle continues as the gaze drifts upward, where pendant lights twinkle like distant stars, their warm glow casting mesmerising patterns against the high walls. This clever interior lighting selection by Seven Willow Designs bathes the entryway in a soft, inviting light, creating a truly breathtaking spectacle that underscores the attention to detail in every facet of the design.

The lounge and bar area exemplify a modern sophistication synonymous with the high-end Western Suburbs lifestyle.


A display of antique whiskies and cognacs within a bespoke timber wine cellar adds a dash of opulence. The bar, featuring the hand-selected marble that adorns the house, and matching custom-upholstered bar stools, testify to Seven Willow Designs' commitment to continuity in interior design.


The stained walnut cedar ceiling cladding and custom-made floor rugs infuse warmth into the space, whilst the striking pendant lighting contributes a contemporary feel.