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This multi-level project involved the preservation of traditional 1920's architectural elements, as the space took on a meaningful restoration and refurbishment. 
Synergising the building's existing beauty with contemporary environmental sustainability, we created a boutique workplace with a contemporary twist and a social agenda.

With a project budget of $300,000 - $350,000, and 255sqm of multi-level space to restore, renovate and refurbish, the Seven Willow Designs team ensured the design enhancing the existing romance of the building whilst utilising modern renewable-energy innovations, such as solar panels.
In tackling the global issue of environmental sustainability, we designed a space that ensured the current and future leasers would reduce their carbon footprint. Strategies included installing solar panels able to create more than enough renewable energy to sustain the office. 

To encourage sustainable transport, we also installed a 240V 7KW EO mini universal vehicle charger to the exterior of the building and facilities for those who ride a bike to work (shower).

WEST PERTH, 2020 -2021

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